I am Krishna – Vol 1


Publisher: Aatman Innovations Pvt Ltd

Language:  English

Binding Type: Paperback

Total Pages: 384 pages

ISBN 10: 9789384850319

ISBN 13:  978-9384850319

Reading Age: 14 years and above

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Krishna is one such powerful personality about whom everyone wants to know and understand. He was an artiste, a lover, a politician, a psychologist, a businessman, a visionary, a spiritual guru… and lots more. His list of achievements was never-ending… • He was a cowherd boy who became the King of Dwarka. • He knew the art of enjoying the life to the fullest even in difficult times. • His life is a classic example of a Rags-to-Riches story • He won all the battles of life, be it economic, social or political… So all we need is an insight into Krishna’s mind and life to know how to win all the battles in life. To help us achieve the same, Deep Trivedi, the author of the bestseller ‘I am The Mind’, has unveiled the mind and life of Krishna in his latest book, ‘I am Krishna – The Master of Mind & Life’. Since the author of the book is a pioneer in spiritual psychodynamics, the book depicts the psychology of Krishna at various important points and its subsequent transitions, which makes it clear for the readers as to what he did and why? Another point to note here is, the one who has understood the psychology of Krishna, can discern any other person’s psychology like a child’s play. In short, this book depicts the entire life of Krishna in a very interesting and engaging way. If we were to describe the book in one sentence, we can say that, “This is the complete story of a cowherd boy Kanha becoming Jai Shri Krishna.” This book has been extensively researched and the years of Krishna’s life have been threaded together from: Mahabharat, Shatapatha Brahmana, Aitareya Aaranyak, Nirukta, Ashtadhyayi, Garga Samhita, Jataka Katha, Arthashastra, Indika, Harivamsa Puran, Vishnu Puran, Mahabhashya, Padma Puran, Markandey Puran and Kurma Puran…in such a psychological manner that you feel transformed as his life unfolds…


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