I AM THE MIND (In English) (Paperback)


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Language:  English

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ISBN 13: 978-9384850098

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Product Description

* Do you really know who I am?

* Do you know that the brain & I are two separate entities?

* Do you know that 24/7 your life is governed by me, me & me alone?

* Do you know that once you master me, you will be able to know what exactly is going on in others’ mind & the reasons behind their actions?

* And once you make me your friend, I will inevitably turn your life around for the better!

Had you known this, you and many others wouldn’t have had to toil day and night to attain joy & success. Although human intelligence has evolved with every passing epoch, unfortunately, the struggle to survive & achieve success is still the same. The ignorance or lack of awareness regarding the functioning of the mind or the psychology behind it, leads many to falter & commit mistakes or blunders at times, which proves detrimental to their lives. So, what is the remedy? Well, the only solution is—’understand me, your mind’.

This book reveals not just the answers pertaining to all facets of life, be it family, business, career, relationships, health etc. but also provides the wisdom to lead your day-to-day life. Most importantly, once you become the master of your mind, you will gain a keen insight into others’ minds & thereby know the frame of mind they are in. You will know exactly what thoughts propel them to do what they are doing, or the reason behind their actions. This book is interspersed with psychological content woven into 23 contextual short stories & anecdotes, which makes reading it an enjoyable experience for all age groups. Moreover, it explains child psychology too in great depth, which will teach the art of raising children the right way. Undoubtedly, success & happiness is your birth right. Don’t you want to achieve it? So, just grasp me, i.e. your mind in its entirety and carve a magnificent life.

This book is also available in Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati.

About the author:

Deep Trivedi is the author of several bestselling books such as, ‘I am Krishna’, ‘101 All Time Great Stories’, ‘The Black Book of Soul’, ‘3 Easy Steps to Win at Life’ and more. A pioneer in spiritual psychodynamics, he has also conducted workshops on a wide range of topics related to human life and human psychology. His all-pervasive psychological perspective has led to an instantaneous transformation in his readers, viewers and listeners, and has helped them tread the path of joy and success.


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